I don’t know if this is a typo, or if jesto means “jest out loud” or if it’s a typo of the Spanish word “jestos” (I’ve never heard of that one, so I can’t tell), but whatever it is, it sounds so cool. “Jesto” is such a good word and so good for expressing your thoughts or feelings. Maybe I’ll use it in a song one day.

A good joke is a good joke. I’m sure you’ve read the first two posts that this one has been in, but they’re all very cool.

Jesto is a little bit of a joke, but its still cool.

Jesto was released in 2012. It has since become one of the most popular games of all time. There isn’t much of a joke about it, but there is a great story behind it that we would love to hear from the folks at jesto.

Jesto is a free to play game where you have to keep an eye on a very small boy called Jesto. In the game, you have to collect the seven blue balloons from the balloons that are in the sky. You have to watch the balloons floating in the air and then send your balloon to a specific location. Each balloon has a specific color and also sends a balloon to a specific location.

We are big fans of Jesto because of its clever mechanic, but we would also love for Jesto to tell a story. It’s a game about the little guy, but also about the balloons themselves. It’s like the old game of Twister.

Jesto is a game about the balloons, but it’s also about the little guy. The balloons represent the different parts of a person, and you have to collect them all to complete the level. The way Jesto works is by seeing the balloons in the sky, then deciding what to do with the balloons. The balloons are either sent to the right location or to the left.

Jesto is a game about the balloons, but also about the little guy. The game is about collecting as many balloons as you can, and then getting them to the right location, then either returning them to the sky or sending them to the left. There are four levels to get to, and each level has different rules that prevent you from completing it before you die.

The game is a little like a scavenger hunt, but you can also play it as a strategy board.

Deathloop is actually a much more advanced game than a scavenger hunt, and in this case it’s quite similar to jesto. For each level, you can play the game with the board. You’re allowed to pick up a small number of balloons, collect them, and then return them to the sky. At the very beginning of the game, you can collect them but not return them to the sky. At the end of the game you have to collect the balloons and collect them.

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